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How to Sweeten Unsweetened Chocolate? – All Methods Explained

Friends, are you looking for the methods of sweetening the unsweetened chocolate? Here I will make you aware of the same. The chocolate lovers are fond of sweetened chocolates which can be used in the number of ways like as a dip for baked goods or as an ice-cream topping.

Now let’s talk about the methods so that you can sweeten your unsweetened chocolate at home without any confusion or difficulty.

How to Sweeten Unsweetened Chocolate?

There are two approaches to sweeten unsweetened chocolate.

The first method is – Double Boiler, and the other one is Microwave method.

First I will talk about Double boiler method in which you required the double boiler, water, chocolate, wooden spoon, sugar, and burner.

Method-1: Using Double Boiler

Using Double Boiler

  1. In a double boiler, fill few inches of water. Keep this pan on the stove and then boil the water. When water gets boiled, you slow down the flame and leave the boiled water in the boiler so that it remains hot.
  2. Grate some chocolate and put it in the boiler. Make use of the wooden spoon to stir the chocolate in the pan.
  3. Take some sugar and then add it to the boiler. Mix the solution until the sugar gets melt.
  4. Ensure that chocolate and sugar blend with each other. If both (Chocolate and sugar) get adequately mixed, then turn off the burner.
  5. Place the paste in the bowl and allow it to cool.

All these points will make your unsweetened chocolate sweetened with the help of the double boiler. If you don’t have the furnace, then you can make use of Chocolate tempering machine.Use sweetened chocolate in the recipes of your choice. It is the simple method which will sweeten your chocolate easily.

If you don’t have the double boiler at home, then you can make use microwave technique.

Method-2: Using Microwave

Using Microwave


  1. In a bowl take some chopped chocolate and then place it in the microwave. Then for few seconds or minutes, you microwave the chocolate. Remember you keep the bowl uncovered and the power of the oven – medium.
  2. When time gets up of the oven, then take out the bowl containing chocolate and then add sugar to it. Mix the solution.
  3. Again microwave the mixed solution so that the sugar gets melted and blend aptly with the chocolate.
  4. Transfer the mixture in the separate container, and then you can cool it down.

All the steps as mentioned above will sweeten your chocolate by employing microwave. It is the quick way of sweetening the chocolate. Enjoy your recipes by adding sweetened chocolate.

At times the chocolate eaters love to have semi-sweet chocolate rather than sweetened chocolate. You will find a lot of antioxidants in the semi-sweet chocolate which will enhance your health.

For five tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder add three tablespoons of butter along with six tablespoons of sugar to get semi-sweet cocoa powder. If you want semi-sweetness for baking chocolate, then in 2 oz. of unsweetened chocolate add two tablespoons of sugar to enjoy semi-sweet chocolate.

Enjoy sweetened chocolate

This informative article will aid you regarding how to sweeten baking chocolate. You can effortlessly sweeten your chocolate by adopting any of the measures mentioned above. The sweeten chocolate will provide relish to your mouth.

Enjoy the taste of the chocolate with your family as it will not only offer you taste but also good for health.

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