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There are different types of chocolates available for various kinds of home recipes for candy making. They include candy melts which contain light, dark, colors, flavors, etc., pure chocolate which contains semi-sweet, unsweetened, bittersweet, white, milk, etc., and chocolate chips which include bittersweet, semi-sweet, peanut butter, white, butterscotch, etc. So, depending on your needs, you should choose the chocolate type wisely. Today, we will look at the perfect chocolate for molds which can help to make delicious chocolate recipes.

Why melting chocolate for molds?

The melting chocolates explicitly made for molds are available at cheaper rates than the pure chocolates. They melt quickly and allow to get a hard set. They are made with vegetable oil and provide a pleasant flavor. You can color them, but they are also available in pastel wafers and bright colors.

Best Melting Chocolate for Molds

1. Wilton Light Cocoa Candy Melts

Wilton Light Cocoa Candy MeltsThe first in the list is the light candy melts from Wilton. These candies are made using real cocoa. They are creamy, versatile, and smooth to melt. They will provide a delicious taste in any candy recipes you want to make.

  • They taste like real milk chocolates.
  • This pack has a size of 340 grams (12 oz.) which is enough for your molds. You can even buy more packages in different colors and flavors depending on your needs.
  • The melting chocolate candies are made in the USA, so you will be assured to get the best quality.
  • They are ideal for any of your needs like melting, molding, coating, and dipping.
  • You can also use them to make decorations on the cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.
  • Whether you are a beginner or expert in the cooking, the candy melts from Wilton will provide you a quick, easy, and fun chocolate making.
  • These melting candies are available in nine different colors.


2. Merckens Milk Molding Chocolate

Merckens Milk Molding ChocolateThe yummy milk chocolates from Merckens are perfect for candy molds. You can use them in various baking applications. The brand of Merckens is famous for providing superior and consistent quality of premium chocolates at affordable prices.

  • These milk chocolates are in the form of wafers containing cocoa butter as the main ingredients.
  • You can add paramount crystals if you want thinner coatings on molds.
  • These high-quality sweets have coatings of sugar, milk, and vegetable oil.
  • If you want to add more flavors or colors, then make sure to use an oil-based flavor or a concentrated flavor.
  • They are easy to melt and mold. It will help you to create delicious homemade molded chocolates that too with professional looks.
  • The high-quality coating makes sure that you do not need to temper the chocolate before use.
  • These milk chocolates are gluten-free and do not contain peanuts & nuts.
  • You can use them for dipping, melting, molding, or even for snacks.
  • This pack has 2 pounds of weight, and you can order more quantity if you require.


3. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers for Molds

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers for MoldsIf you want a consistent performer and trusted recipe for molds, then get these Ghirardelli dark melting wafers. These easy to work melting chocolate wafers will help you to take out the chocolatier in you.  

  • These hand-picked melting wafers will help you to make a perfect dark chocolate recipe quickly.
  • The purest cocoa beans are the primary ingredients which blended and roasted perfectly.
  • The smooth like silk texture & luscious fillings make it perfect for making yummy truffles as well as dipped strawberries.
  • This 12-ounce pack is enough for your molding needs. However, you can order more quantities if you want.
  • The dark melting chocolate wafers from Ghirardelli are perfect for molding, dipping, and coating.


4. Sephra White Chocolate Melts

Sephra White Chocolate MeltsThe white chocolate melts from Sephra are perfect for making chocolate fondue fountains, strawberries covering, candy making, etc. They harden quickly, and so you can use them for dipping bacon, fruit, and pretzels as well.

  • The Sephra chocolate melts can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, molded candies, cookies, etc.
  • You will not need to add oil or other ingredients for using these melts in the sweet recipes.
  • They are gluten-free and contains zero trans fat which means you will get a healthy option for home-based chocolate molding.
  • If you want to add colors or flavors, then you can use dark, white, milk, or salted caramel. They have a vanilla-flavored confection, and you can even use the oil-based coloring for the candies to match the theme of your cooking.
  • These white melt chocolates are available in two sizes; 4-pound box and 20-pound box, and in four flavors; white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and salted caramel.


5. Merckens Coating Melting Wafers

Merckens Coating Melting WafersThe milk chocolate melting wafers from Merckens will provide a fresh and delicious taste to your different sweet dishes. These easy to use melts do not require tempering before use. They melt and mold smoothly to help you create excellent flavor.

You can remelt these Merckens milk chocolate wafers if you want. Just store them in a dry and cool place. Do not refrigerate them for remelting.

  • They contain pure cocoa as the main ingredient.
  • You can use them for molding, dipping, melting, and coating.
  • The smooth and creamy texture of these quality chocolates is ideal for any of the candy making requirements.
  • You will get a 5-pound bag of the milk chocolate melting wafers. You can order more of them if you need.


6. Chocoley Molding Chocolate for Molds

Chocoley Molding ChocolateChocoley made the Belgian styled chocolate for molds that will help you to create delicious dishes with a professional felling. The perfect formation of these high-end chocolates will provide simplicity to craft different molding patterns.

  • This chocolates for molding do not contain any Hydrogenated oils.
  • The highest quality ingredients are used to make these wonderful molding sweet chocolates ethically.
  • With an incredible taste, they are ideal to make molded bark, candy, fudge, clusters, etc.
  • They come in a microwave-friendly plastic tube that will keep the chocolate safe from warm weather during transportation.
  • They are gluten free, egg free, and contains no peanut or tree nut.
  • You can choose from the three available flavors; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.



The products mentioned above will provide the combination of the quality and delectable flavor. Countless people have already used these sweet-tasting compounds for their molding, dipping, coating, and melting needs. Why should you wait then? Pick up your suitable chocolate for mold from the list here and make yummy molding chocolates.

Which melting chocolate did you choose for your molding needs? Which kind of molded chocolate have you made with it? Share the pics and your experience in the comment section below.


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