Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: Top Candy Beans of 2019

Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

It would be indeed great for all the chocolate and coffee lovers to relish the taste of best chocolate covered Espresso beans. 60 milligrams of caffeine are found in 10 grams of chocolate covered coffee beans. All the age groups can enjoy the taste of candy beans products as they provide health benefits to the body.

You will get antioxidants by consuming the chocolate covered coffee beans. It will work as the natural mood-lifter which will produce the pleasant feeling in your mind. You can make use of it in the number of ways. They can be processed using the chocolate tempering machines and can be consumed in chocolate & coffee-flavored cakes, cupcakes, baked treats, cookies, chocolate bars, cookies and frozen yogurt.

Here I will make you familiar with the top-quality products of chocolate covered espresso beans. You can select the best chocolate covered coffee beans based on your choice and suitability.

Best Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Let’s move ahead with the details on the same.

1. Hoosier Hill Farm

Hoosier Hill FarmHoosier Hill Farm produces one of the best chocolate covered coffee beans in the form of Gourmet Dark Chocolate. You will find the flavor of the Espresso beans amazing and delicious. This quality product comes in 2 lb. The bag which will provide relish to your taste.

  • It is addicting and enjoyable to taste.
  • Top espresso beans and rich gourmet chocolate is used to prepare it.
  • In rich, pure dark chocolate, the real espresso beans are wisely coated.
  • You will get the assured guarantee from this renowned brand.

You will find this Gourmet Dark chocolate yummy as it covers Espresso beans. It will be served as the sweet energy-packed snack due to the covering of European style dark chocolate. The crunchy espresso beans will add flavor to your palate.


2. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans by Koppers

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans by KoppersKoppers delivers Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans which you will get in the one-pound bag. You will find it fresh and crispy.

  • Rich, creamy dark chocolate is used for its coating.
  • It holds coffee beans which are entirely Costa Rican espresso which is pleasurable.
  • Espresso beans are covering in the packet which weighs one pound of dark chocolate.

It contains coffee beans, Gum Arabic, corn syrup, sugar along with peanuts and tree nuts in traceable amount. The confectioners glaze certified so you can confidently eat it.

If you are looking for high-quality chocolate and beans, then this sweetie product is apt for you. They are enjoyable in taste and adds significant value.


3. YANKEE TRADERS Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

YANKEE TRADERS Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso BeansDark chocolate covered Espresso Beans is offered by YANKEE TRADERS which contains chocolate liquor, dark chocolate, vanilla, coffee beans, confectioners glaze, soy and milk elements. It is available in the one-pound bag which you can share with your friend.

  • It serves as the fresh, delicious and appealing treat.
  • You will get it in the reclosable pouch which is correctly sealed.
  • In the similar time, it will make sweeter and perk the double set of chocolate and caffeine.
  • It holds roasted Arabica beans which are premium in quality.
  • You can enjoy beans which are layered with creamy milk chocolate and creamy dark chocolate coated beans.
  • The package weighs 2 lbs. with the brand name Yankee Traders.

Are you looking for the mouthwatering chocolate, then this product will end your search as it contains enjoyable fresh beans. Rich dark chocolate is used for its coating. It is the perfect roasted

4. SweetGourmet

SweetGourmetYou can enjoy the mixture of best chocolate Espresso beans in white, milk and dark chocolate by SweetGourmet. The ingredients present in this stuff are milk, chocolate, confectionary covering, coffee beans, coconut oil, modified starch and many more items.

  • It took its foundation in the US in which you will find the sharp taste of roasted coffee.
  • Kosher certifies for this wonderful snack.
  • Three types of coatings are found in this goodies. First is milk chocolate, the other is dark chocolate, and coffee-cream flavored is the last coat.

All the flavors combined in one foodstuff will provide variety and pleasure to your taste. 1Lb is the net weight of the package. It will give you quite a punch of energy when you consume few at a

5. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’sTrader Joe’s deals with dark chocolate covered Espresso Beans that will serve as the lovely present to fill a basket of treats. You will find that the coffee beans in the snack are big.

  • The weighing size of this packet is 14 oz. You will serve as the enjoyable snack.
  • It is first roasted in espresso style and then panned where it is coated with hundreds of layers of chocolates.
  • It is 100% Arabica coffee beans that carry out the art of vanishing confectionary.
  • You will find the deep coffee flavor and fantastic crunch.

You will not find this yummy snack too sweet. It carries limit to consume them in moderation. If you are fond of dark chocolate and coffee, then you will enjoy the taste of

6. Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend by Dilettante

Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend by DilettanteDilettante delivers the beans of Chocolate Espresso which is melded with white, milk and dark chocolate. It comes in the pot of 3 lb.  Relish the USA item for consumption. This coffee bean candy is the high-quality product which will provide you rich-tasting.

  • It will replenish your candy dishes and will significantly serve you for parties.
  • You will find the coating of white, milk and dark chocolate on this crispy and roasted beans.
  • It is free of preservatives, fillers, and multiple coatings.

To have good java crumbs, the manufacturers make use of roasted coffee beans. You will not find the flavor too sweet and too bitter as the taste of the coffee beans balances the sugariness of the

7. Bali’s Best Espresso Candy

Bali’s Best Espresso CandyBali’s Best Espresso Candy comes in the packet of 12 and weighs 5.3 ounces. In the taste, you will experience this snack rich, creamy and smooth. Any time of day you can enjoy this snack with your friends and family.

  • Real Sumatran coffee is using for its creation which is wholly natural.
  • Aroma and taste preserved due to foil-wrapped pieces. 42 foil-wrapped pieces found in each bag.
  • In the center, you will find the abundant amount of Espresso.
  • In the Island of Java, the Sumatran coffee is originated.

All the coffee lovers will find it perfect for the office or can serve as a gift. While consuming you will experience as if you are enjoying the favorite cup of coffee.


All the products as mentioned above will serve as the refreshing treat to you and your family. Have fun with these top candy beans that enriched with flavor and taste. In the human body, it will nullify the unsafe compounds so you can make out the utility of these valuable products of best chocolate covered espresso beans. Also, if you love strawberries then you will love to get the knowledge of keeping Chocolate Covered Strawberries for a longer time.


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